71% Indian parents fear data leak from their phone or connected devices that have a camera: reveals Godrej Security Solutions study.

Cyber security and child healthcare experts highlight the need to ensure data privacy for children as the pandemic continues to increase access to online content

71% Indian parents fear data leak from their phone or connected devices that have a camera: reveals Godrej Security Solutions study.

While offices are gradually opening up adopting hybrid working models, schools and other extra curriculum activities for children continue to operate virtually. Under such circumstances, parents want constant connectivity and surveillance when it comes to caring for their young children, and home security solutions prove to be a convenient option. Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, announced that its business, Godrej Security Solutions, revealed that 71% Indian parents fear data leak from their phone or connected devices that have a camera. The leading home security solutions brand has recently launched India’s most secure range of home camera, the ‘Spotlight’. Designed and manufactured in India, this new range offers Indians best-in-class data security, so that your home and personal data stays private.

The survey hosted among 1500+ parents also revealed that only 46% parents have child locks for online OTT / social media accounts on their devices. However, insights from the survey showed that data privacy is a big consideration for parents while investing in smart devices, with 78% saying they would like home cameras to have data privacy as a key feature.

The webinar on ‘Digital Security for Children’, hosted in association with the Online Parenting Summit in celebration of World Parent’s Day, was moderated by Sneha Tapadia, Co-founder, Online Parenting Summit, with a board of eminent panellist including Dr. Ananth Prabhu G, Cyber Law & Security Expert and author of Cyber Safe Girl, Riddhi Deorah, Founder, Easy Parenting Hub, Dr. Zirak Marker, Child, Adolescent & Family Psychiatrist, and Sushant Bharghava, Godrej Security Solutions. 

This discussion point triggered an insightful dialogue at the webinar, wherein the panellists spoke about how parents can manage their own relationship with the internet and mobile devices, along with managing their children’s use of and exposure to the same technology. The discussion also emphasized what parents should keep in mind when installing new devices at home, such as choosing the right home security cameras to avoid any data leak. 

Commenting on the launch, Mehernosh Pithawalla, Vice- President, Godrej Security Solutions, said, “As connected devices are becoming increasingly popular across Indian households, the potential impact of security breaches has also increased. In response to this, we at Godrej Security Solutions have introduced the Spotlight range of home cameras, that assures easy to use surveillance solution and ability to constantly stay connected to your loved ones without fearing the possibility of someone in the cyber world spying on your home. Moreover, with the proven cloud technology backed by AWS, we are able to address the pertinent issue of data security.” The Spotlight range of cameras transfer data over secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers in India, ensuring your home camera only gives you peace of mind; not at the cost of spying on your home. 

Godrej Security Solutions has been taking strategic steps by focusing on innovation to provide smarter and secure home solutions to its consumers. Godrej security solution has in the past one year increased their investment towards R&D and innovation by over 100% to bridge the gap that exists in the sector, such as data security and enhance the penetration of security solutions across Indian households