Elamkulam Little Flower Church Wraps Up Thrilling Three-Day Sports Extravaganza with Unveiling of Victors

Elamkulam Little Flower Church Wraps Up Thrilling Three-Day Sports Extravaganza with Unveiling of Victors

The Elamkulam Little Flower Church reverberated with cheers and applause as the three-day sports extravaganza, organized by the LFC Badminton Club in collaboration with the Central Committee, Parish Council, Family Units, and KCYM, reached its grand conclusion on January 28th, 2024. The event, which showcased incredible talent and sportsmanship, featured the Elamkulam Little Flower Church Badminton Championship alongside chess and carroms tournaments.

The inauguration, graced by esteemed guests including Vicar Rev. Fr. Sebastian Kalapurackal, Asst. Vicar Rev. Fr. Amal Periyappadan, Fr. Joby Palatti, and Mother Superior Sr. Santha Maria, set the stage for three days of intense competition and community bonding.

Distinguished Committee Members Steer the Success

Under the guidance of the distinguished committee members, the sports extravaganza witnessed seamless execution and success. George Sebastian, Vice Chairman, demonstrated exemplary leadership, while Adv Lijo Mathew, General Secretary, efficiently coordinated logistics. Joint Secretary Nicy George and Treasurer Justin Sebastian played crucial roles in supporting the organization, ensuring the financial aspects were well managed. Trustees Philip Sebastian and Chackochan AD contributed their expertise, guiding the successful conduct of the tournaments.

Winners Emerge, Adding Glory to the Extravaganza

The sports extravaganza not only brought together the parish community but also celebrated outstanding achievements in various categories. The Badminton Championship saw remarkable performances, with winners announced across different segments:

Badminton - Men's Singles Below 45


  • First prize: Bilson (St. Damian Unit)
  • Second prize: Joswin Louis (St. Jude Unit)

Badminton - Men's Singles (45+)


  • First prize: Bimal Chacko (St. John Unit)
  • Second prize: Leny Sebastian (St. Gianna Unit)

Badminton - Men's Doubles


  • First prize: Bilson & Bijo Varghese (St. Damian Unit)
  • Second prize: Deepu.P.Paulose & M.K Paul (Holy Trinity Unit)

Badminton - Women's Singles


  • First prize: Rinku Joe (Holy Trinity Unit)
  • Second prize: Sumy Jimmy (Holy Trinity Unit)

Badminton - Women's Doubles


  • First prize: Rinku Joe & Sumy Jimmy (Holy Trinity Unit)
  • Second prize: Leeda & Cini (Holy Spirit Unit)

Badminton Singles - Catechism Boys


  • First prize: Akhil Sajan (St. Jude Unit)
  • Second prize: Davin (St. Thomas Unit)

Badminton Singles - Catechism Girls


  • First prize: Anna Alphonsa (Infant Jesus Unit)
  • Second prize: Esha Kuriachan (Holy Trinity Unit)



  • First prize: Thomas & Gijo (St. George Unit)
  • Second prize: Celestine & Derrin (Sacred Heart Unit)



  • First prize: Alen Vimalraj (St. Xavier Unit)
  • Second prize: Thomas K Jacob (Holy Trinity Unit)

The Elamkulam Little Flower Church expresses gratitude to all participants, organizers, and sponsors for making the sports extravaganza a resounding success. This celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and community spirit will be etched in the memories of parish members for years to come.