NPCI urges citizens to #FollowPaymentDistancing with RuPay Contactless in latest campaign.

NPCI urges citizens to #FollowPaymentDistancing with RuPay Contactless in latest campaign.

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) announced that RuPay has launched a strategic campaign - #FollowPaymentDistancing to promote and encourage contactless payments among customers amid these unpredictable times. Over the past year, customers have been following several norms and measures to stay safe by following healthy habits, self-care routines, and social distancing. RuPay’s #FollowPaymentDistancing campaign encourages consumers to start ‘payment distancing’ and switch to contactless digital payments with RuPay Contactless Cards which is safe as well as time-conserving.

Launched on social media platforms and digital channels, the campaign urges people to break the chain and to #FollowPaymentDistancing with RuPay Contactless. The campaign captures all safety norms for social distancing and emphasizes “Payment Distancing” as a key measure. The extensive campaign features multiple digital films highlighting the importance of payment distancing with RuPay Contactless in different everyday situations. The films present a refreshing approach on the subject of distancing so that the awareness of the same is created among the customers in a more lightheartedly engaging manner.

Contactless payments allow merchants to offer their consumers a safer, cleaner way to pay, reduce long queues at checkout counters, and more control over physical space during these tough times. The campaign aims to educate both the merchants and consumers about the benefits of using contactless payments during these unprecedented situations.

Commenting on the campaign, Ms. Praveena Rai, COO, NPCI, said, “We believe that contactless is the present and future of payments. With this campaign, our purpose is to educate and encourage consumers for an upgrade in their card payment experience; an upgrade that spurs innovations in the timeliness, convenience, safety, and security of contactless payments, be it in the online or physical environment. With multiple unique features, RuPay Contactless cards have been showcasing a great synergy between technology and innovation.  We hope that this campaign persuades people to make safe & timely payments from a distance and nudges them to #FollowPaymentDistancing.”

With this Tap & Pay, customers no longer need to handover their cards. They can just tap their RuPay contactless cards and pay seamlessly at the merchant location without entering the PIN for up to Rs. 5000. RuPay is ready with RuPay On-The-Go Wearable technology, and soon with the support of issuing partners, customers will be able to experience contactless transactions with form factors (contactless payment options) other than RuPay Contactless cards. Also, Customers can now avail RuPay AUTOPAY facility (provided by certified banks) to perform convenient touch-free transactions. RuPay has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and aims to provide exceptional user experiences. Presently, RuPay cards are issued by more than 1100 banks, which includes Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Regional Rural and Cooperative Banks.