Tourism Minister gets hands-on feel of river tourism by rafting on Anjarakandi river.

Tourism Minister gets hands-on feel of river tourism by rafting on Anjarakandi river.

Getting a hands-on feel of the immense potential of river-based tourism in Kerala ahead of Onam, State Tourism Minister Shri P A Mohamed Riyas had an hour-long rafting  and Kayaking on the placid waters of Anjarakandi river in Kannur district, flanked by lush mangroves.

The Minister was joined by wife, Smt. Veena, in rafting through the 3-km stretch of the river from Pinarayi to Parapram, enjoying the breath-taking view of the lush coconut-palm fringed settings, punctuated by mangroves.

As a they rafted up the river, Shri Riyas waved at the local people engaged in their daily chores and exchanged pleasantries with the fishermen.

“Water tourism has great potential for Kerala. It is also a safe get-away for families during the pandemic season. Rafting and Kayaking through our rivers will be an unforgettable experience for tourists”, Shri Riyas said.

Noting that no serious effort had so far been made to develop river tourism in Kerala, the Minister said the Government has plans to tap this sector in a big way as that would help substantially increase the footfall of both foreign and domestic tourists.

The Government would also look into creating an adventure tourism circuit linking the rivers of Kerala. Necessary infrastructure would be developed in key points of the circuit. Alongside, river based adventure activities, facilities for cruising and angling would also be created. The completion of the Water Way project will impart an added momentum to the aqua tourism potential in the state, he added.

Kannur District Tourism Council Secretary Shri K C Sreenivasan was also on board during the trip, which was held in complete compliance of Covid protocols and without any publicity