Covid crisis apart, five IT firms to move into Government Cyber park Kozhikode

Covid crisis apart, five IT firms to move into Government Cyber park Kozhikode

Defying the trend of work-from-home amid a prolonged crisis owing to Covid-19, five companies are poised to open office in Government Cyberpark Kozhikode that has been conceptualized as an IT hub for north Kerala.

Two months after four firms moved into the pivotal Sahya Building, Cyberpark is set to receive companies that are set to occupy the 45-acre campus set up by the state government to develop IT and ITeS industries in Malabar.

Those setting up units at Cyberpark next month are fintech company Networth Software Solutions Llp; Gritstone Technologies that provides services in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain; Xeno Erp that is into retail marketing, distribution chain, manufacturing sector, health, travel and hospitality; IVM Infotech that gives ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions; and Mentor Performance Rating that provides ERP mobile services.

The move comes after Cyberpark had in March inducted four companies: Iluzia Lab Llp, Codilar Technologies, Algoray Technologies and Bpract Software Solutions.

While Iluzia is into artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and machine learning, Codilar is a consumer services and e-commerce firm. Algoray provides mobile application solutions and Bpract gives software solutions to various companies.

The last financial year saw Cyberpark housing 20 new companies, as today’s tally stands at 58 vis-à-vis four in 2017. The total becomes 98 if App Incubation Hub in Mobile10X is taken into account. Of these, 20 are startups (less than two years). Another 20 have availed co-working spaces.

Cyberpark has readily-available space for offices that need fully furnished working space of 1,000 to 4,000 square feet. Also available are warm-shell units of size ranging between 1,000 sq feet and 14,000 sq ft, which the companies can use according to their requirements.